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Miami, January 2021..

Gymage will open its new gym concept in Miami. Its successful Social Fitness Gym concept, combined with the Lifestyle Resort philosophy, will arrive in Miami Beach in 2021.

Gymage will open a new sports center in Miami Beach in 2021. Located at 355 Lincoln Road, just a few blocks from the beach, Gymage will offer a spectacular 10,000 square foot gym filled with the latest generation of LifeFitness equipment and a breathtaking view of one of the most iconic streets of Miami, Lincoln Road. Innovation, quality, location and design are key factors in the development of the firm’s projects.

Gymage is much more than a gym; It is a concept that enhances social relationships and well-being, beyond physical activity itself. In the words of its creator, Carlos Enguídanos: “Gymage Miami is a concept gym that will offer unique facilities, a highly unique design and premium services at a very competitive price all in the heart of Miami Beach.” After the opening of the gym, the property plans to open other complementary business components with innovative experiential content that will expand Gymage’s unique lifestyle offer. At Gymage we believe that taking care of yourself happens not only through physical activity, but also through socialization and fun. The balanced fusion of these elements helps generate well-being and a more harmonious and happy life.

Avant-garde architecture and interior design

Conceptually, Gymage Miami dives into the colorful and vibrant atmosphere of the Miami Beach of the past, with its radically contemporary style. Although it is unusual to pay attention to the interior design of sports clubs, Gymage Miami is an exception. The famous Clavel Arquitectos studio has been entrusted with the idea of reinventing the traditional gym concept. Together with Carlos Enguídanos, Clavel has devised a project that “turns indoor sports activities into a unique and exclusive experience. To help make this happen we have focused on factors such as lighting and the flexibility of the space to guarantee bright and energetic atmospheres. A strip suspended from the ceiling freely runs through each of the project’s spaces, illuminating the environment and giving the new Gymage Miami center personality.” Architecture, tones, materials and lighting are wisely combined to create a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere. Clavel has collaborated in large international projects for relevant firms including the LVMH group and chefs such as Alain Ducasse, the chef with the most Michelin Stars in the world. According to Vanity Fair magazine, Clavel is “the architect who has reinvented luxury.”


Gymage’s investment in Miami will exceed $2,800,000 when the project is completed.